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22/06/2017 21:57
High Five
Server Type:

Server Features

XP Rate: 100
SP Rate: 100
Adena Rate: 40
Drop Rate: 20
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Server concept will be supplemented! EXP x100 | SP x100 | Adena x90 | Drop x50 | Spoil Chance x30 | ClanRepScore x10 Manor x7 | Quest x5 | Reward x5 | RaidBossDrop x7 | Epaulette x20 | Fame x2 Server platform: Java All new characters appear at level 20 in Dion, with further development assistance. At level 40, you will receive a box with a temporary C-Grade Equip. Buff lasts - 1 hour. 24 (+4) buff-slots, and 12 for songs and dances. Free buffer up to level 85. Professions are free. You can write to chat in Shout / Trade from the 60th level. The maximum level of the subclass is 85. On the server there are champions (red x15 and blue x7), up to level 80 inclusive, without drop ATT. Hellbound - the island is open from the start of the server. The level is the maximum. Mana potion restore 1500mp Coldown for 10 seconds. Advanced inventory - up to 110 slots (for dwarfs - 130) Restriction in sessions on the server from one HWID - 3 Maximum enchanting on the server +16. The server is equipped with an auto loot. All skills are learned automatically. Giran Castle Town trade zone Cancel 3-5 buffs Macros on return skills - is work Drop attribute only from this location! Dragon Valley/Hellbound (химеры)/LOA/SOA Drop 1-2 stone - chance drop Drop 1 crystal - chance Party Matching quick search for the right group for going to the instance, RB, farm and other events! You can call the initial window with the .lfg command or the button "search for group" if you do not see the button "search for group" use the key combination "alt + L